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Specializing in the assessment and treatment of ADD/ADHD in children and adults

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About Coaching

Dr. Morgan’s ADD/ADHD services are provided anywhere by telephone.

Professional coaching for ADD/ADHD is a one-on-one collaborative relationship where a client is assisted in achieving important goals to improve his or her life, relationships, work performance, or career success. Coaching is a place where clients look at their life, how they are doing, and how to best reach their full potential by getting better control of ADD/ADHD. Coaching services are offered in-person or by telephone. Telephone coaching appointments make coaching convenient, focused, and available all over the country, even overseas.

The ADD/ADHD coach helps individuals learn new strategies to overcome areas of difficulty and more quickly and easily reach important goals. The coach offers suggestions, and provides structure and support. Organization, time management, task completion, and productivity are often a client's concern. Decreasing stress and overwhelm, and enhancing relationships are also common areas addressed. Through coaching, clients learn and apply strategies that can lead to greater work, academic, and relationship success. An ADD/ADHD coach understands the challenges of ADD/ADHD and knows ways of getting better control of ADD/ADHD. The ADD/ADHD coach helps clients to identify areas of needed improvement, assesses strengths and weaknesses, and with the client develops new coping strategies for areas of needed development. Structure, support, skills, and strategies are key ingredients in ADD/ADHD coaching.

Coaching is also available to parents of ADD/ADHD children to help them develop successful parenting approaches for their ADD/ADHD child. The ADD/ADHD coach understands the challenges of parenting an ADD/ADHD child, and can provide insight, advice, guidance, resources and support for successfully dealing with parenting challenges.

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